Village Bavarois envahi par des mille-pattes

Bizarre !

The Bavarian village of Obereichstaett is constructing a foot-high wall around the entire hamlet to prevent the entry of thousands of millipedes which have each autumn « for hundreds of years » invaded the sleepy corner of Germany.

Mayor Hans Harrer added: « We have tried a complete blackout on street lamps in the autumn. But switching them off was not the solution. »

Neither was poison, according to a zoological SWAT team which investigated, due to the sheer quantity required. Instead, they suggested a « a metal-lined wall with an overhanging lip ». It seems to have done the trick, since « the creatures can instead be seen in their thousands crawling around the wall every night », as the Telegraph puts it.

Where the millipedes come from zoologists are unable to say, but they’ve been making their annual pilgrimage for yonks. Back in 1900, they brought the local rail network to a standstill by invading the tracks, thereby preventing trains’ wheels from gripping*. ®