Peindre avec la réalité comme palette

I/O Brush is a new drawing tool to explore colors, textures, and movements found in everyday materials by « picking up » and drawing with them. I/O Brush looks like a regular physical paintbrush but has a small video camera with lights and touch sensors embedded inside. Outside of the drawing canvas, the brush can pick up color, texture, and movement of a brushed surface. On the canvas, artists can draw with the special « ink » they just picked up from their immediate environment.

Most drawing tools/pens we use today allow only a one-way flow of ink, and we are oblivious to how the content of the tool came to exist inside. What if we could not only have control over the outflow of the ink, but also have influence on what goes inside?

We bring back this tradition of a drawing tool as both an input and output device, but instead of picking up the liquid ink, I/O Brush lifts up and captures photons.


Addendum 2014-10-27

La créatrice : Kimiko Ryokai | UC Berkeley School of Information

Le projet : I/O Brush – Kimiko Ryokai, Stefan Marti and Professor Hiroshi Ishii / 2004 | Tangible Media Group